Crowdsource the insights you want, when you need it.

eVuna is an insight crowdsourcing platform that digitally connects target audiences to your brand, business or idea and rewards them in real-time for engaging with you.

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Helping you create meaningful interactions with your audience.

All from one convenient platform.

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Brand and product development

Gamify the consumer brand and product engagement experience in order to get closer, better understand their behaviour and entrench brand loyalty. 

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Market and product research

Get easy access to mass market or informal consumer data that typically requires a formal projects that are lengthy and expensive.

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Polls and satisfaction surveys

Get feedback from customers, employees or communities on specific issues or general to better understand what makes them tick.

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Generate quality insights through  reward-driven interactions and engagements

The closest you will get to your audience, and saying "Thanks" at the same time

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Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Pay as you go. Stop at any time. All data gathered is yours.

Starting at R500 per campaign.

Easy access to data that traditionally was only available to a select elite few

We bring your audience to you, taking out the middle-man, while providing with the most cost-effective solution in the market.

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Pay as you go

Register for free and only pay when you are ready to share your campaign

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Create campaigns on the fly

Easily create your campaign using our drag and drop campaign builder.

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Select the best audience reward type 

Select from the reward type to most likely to drive audience responses to your campaign.

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Real-time feedback

Track your campaign responses in real-time and easily export the data once complete for further analysis.

Who we are

A technology company passionate about connecting people

Helping you to make sense in uncertain times


In times where global events are drastically changing how people perceive value in products, services and brands, being able to gather insights to inform decision-making is critical.

For far too long, quality and verified insights were only available to a select elite few, made available by research institutions that put their own interests ahead of people they engage with, and typically requires a formal project to get started.


At eVuna we believe it should be easy to connect to people, a and to make it a mutually beneficial interaction.

Join today, get connected and informed.