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Frequently asked questions

Can you guarantee quality data and insights?

All people who subscribe to eVuna's consumer base needs to have basic information verified. People are rewarded for keeping their demographic information up to date, which allow them to qualify for higher rewards, thereby gamifying their eVuna experience.

Who owns the data collected?

All data collected from your targeted audience is yours, and is easily exportable for further use.

Is there a limit to the data I can collect

Your target audience is only limited by the pricing plan you choose.

How do I upgrade my pricing plan

Each individual campaign is funded to share with your targeted audience. Simply select the required package you want to use to maximise your survey results on your next attempt.

Can you provide bespoke integration to my organisational data sources

Yes, please contact us for bespoke solutions and pricing

Why eVuna

eVuna digitally connects consumers to businesses in real-time. Businesses can dynamically create campaigns, distribute, and track responses in real-time. Customers respond on their cellphone and is rewarded instantaneously on completion.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us.